If you’re looking to build or renovate a home, or any other type of property of the highest quality, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Over the years we’ve built a reputation for the quality of our renovations and extensions to homes. We undertake projects from concept to completion. Which means we can help you right from the planning stage through to the finishing touches and final sign-off.

    You Deserve The Best Remodel

    Since our specialty is remodeling, our knowledge is comprehensive and unparalleled. We continually strive to increase our levels of education and customer satisfaction in all our remodeling projects. We are dedicated to transforming your house into the home you’ve always wanted.

    An ageing building needs a caring touch. We know the importance of bringing an old property back to life through skillful renovation. We fix all faults and bring modern functionality to a space whilst maintaining its traditional charm.

    Our experienced team work on renovation and conservation jobs in all types of buildings. No space is too small or too big. We renovate properties of various ages and with multiple different functions right across Budapest.

    Renovating with professionalism

    The projects we work on include renovating properties of different ages, from the ultra-modern of the 21st Century to period properties dating back centuries, where sensitivity to the history and character of the structure is integral to everything we do.

    With skill and care our team of expert designers and builders will provide you with advice and guidance on the best choices available for your particular property. Throughout the renovation we’ll be in close contact with you to ensure everything is in line with your vision.

    Meet with our consultant and let’s do a little creative thinking with your wish list. Feel relaxed knowing that every detail of your renovation is coordinated and managed by our experienced team of professionals.

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