Cookie policy

In order to ensure proper operation and the improvement of your user experience BudaLet uses text files called cookies placed on your device on our website , similarly to other websites’ and internet provider’s practices.


Cookies are information text files that are automatically downloaded to your device by websites you visit. By using these, websites remember your actions and personal settings (username, search information) so you won’t have to re-enter it again.

If you decide to disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain services which help us improve our site use. To disable cookies, see the last section of our notice.


Below you will find the aim and characteristics of different cookies:

  • Session Cookies (SESSIONID): these are to support functions connected to certain transactions of the website;
  • Google Analytics Cookies: provide anonymous aggregated information about your use of the website.

Cookies of our websites:

  • User identification (frontendusers and email_login): used to simplify entering our site
  • Viewed properties (propertyhistorycookie): used for the listing of previously viewed property data sheets
  • Search history (search-history_cookie): used for saving previously set search parameters with the aim to support back search
  • First visit (first_visit_cookie): used at the first time visit of certain contents, remembering the declaration prior to the display of content

Pro term cookies:

  • HotJar: cookie used for heatmap analytics, collecting information on the place of clicks and mouse movement

Although the above cookies improve user experience and make the use of our websites more comfortable, the website operates by disabling cookies as well.

Information stored by cookies are not used for personal identification. Cookies are used only and exclusively for the purposes defined here.


You can choose to delete all cookies placed on your device. By setting your browser you can accept and reject cookies, but please keep in mind that by disabling cookies there may be services unavailable to you. By clicking on the below internet browsers you shall find the way of controlling cookies:

Should you use a different browser than any of the above, please select „cookies” in “Help” to find out where the Cookies folder has been placed on your device.

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